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Post-Media Publishing. Print-publishing and networks for electronic culture

A variety of journals and magazines are being published today, in Europe and beyond, which deal with electronic culture, art, design, club-culture, music, gender issues and internet politics. They are extremely important for articulating this new and emergent digital culture and reaching the diverse audiences and practitioners working in the field of digital media and new technologies.

The workshop will bring together editors, writers and artists from different countries and journals. It will also involve Spanish representatives and aims to present the work of these journals to an interested public, as well as facilitate a discussion and co-operation process among the different journals. Practical questions of design, digital publishing and content management, financing and distribution, of the syndication of content and the relationship between online and offline publishing, will play as important a role as the discussion of the most important current themes of cyberculture.


Direction: Andreas Broeckmann.
Venue: Rector’s Lecture Room of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA), Seville.
Date: 22-25, May 2002.

The event will have three elements:
22nd, 23rd and 24th May
19:00 - 21:30 h. Public presentations.
A series of public presentations, during which editors and invited participants will present the different magazines and, importantly, the cultural context from which their particular editorial project emerges (e.g. club culture, hacktivism, art, post-colonialism, etc.).

23, 24 May
11:00 - 15:00 h. Workshop meetings.
Two workshop meetings during which the invited participants and a smaller, specially interested audience and professional guests can discuss and develop ideas around the pragmatics and the overall cultural context of post-media publishing.

22, 25 May
11:00 - 15:00 h. Cooperation meetings.
Two cooperation meetings during which the invited participants and a small number of invited professionals will discuss the possibilities of concrete cooperation between the magazines in areas such as syndication, translation, distribution, etc.


Wednesday 22, May
· 19.00 h. General presentation by Andreas Broeckmann
· 19:30 h. Presentation by Mute (Berry y Worthington)
· 20:00 h. Presentation by 3/4 Revue (Krekovic)
· 20:30 h. Presentation by de Undo (Ilich)

Thursday 23, May
· 19:00 h. Presentation by Springerin (Schöllhammer)
· 19:30 h. Presentation by KUDA (Lukic)
· 20:00 h. Presentation by Umelec (Sir)
· 20:30 h. Presentation by Think Publishing (Eraso, Ortiz and Villaespesa)

Friday 24, May
· 19:00 h. Presentation by De:Bug (Bunz & Kösch)
· 19:30 h. Presentation by Mediateca/Acoustic Space (Auzina)
· 20:00 h. Presentation by Neural (Ludovico)
· 20.30 h. Presentation by Joanne Richardson

* All the presentations will be open to all and simultaneous translation will be made available.


Josephine Berry and Simon Worthington, from Mute magazine, United Kingdom.

Mercedes Bunz and Sascha Kösch, from De:Bug magazine, Germany.

Georg Schöllhammer, from Springerin magazine, Austria.

Fran Ilich, from Undo magazine, Mexico.

Alessandro Ludovico, from Neural magazine, Italy.

Ieva Auzina, from Mediateca/Acoustic Space, Latvia.

Slavo Krekovic, from 3/4 Revue magazine, Slovakia.

Kristian Lukic, from KUDA Media Center, Yugoslavia.

Vladan Sir, from Umelec magazine, Czech Republic.

Joanne Richardson, from Subsol, Romania.

Miren Eraso, Carme Ortiz and Mar Villaespesa, from Think Publishing, Arteleku and UNIA art and thinking editorial project, Spain.

Andreas Broeckmann. He studied art history, sociology and media studies in Bochum, Berlin and Norwich. Since 2000, he has been the Artistic Director of the transmediale-international media art festival Berlin. From 1995-2000 he worked as a project manager with the V2_Organisation, a Rotterdam-based centre for art and media technology. He regularly lectures about practical and theoretical issues of media, art, and networks.



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