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Think Publishing

Director: Miren Eraso Iturrioz.
In co-production with: Arteleku-Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa.
In collaboration with: Fundacio Espais d'Art Contemporary, Girona.


The situation caused by the irruption of new technologies in the publishing world leads us to reflect on the future of the dissemination of contemporary thinking and of publications themselves, and with them their recontextualisation in the light of the new codes in which the culture of hypertextuality is developing.

Think publishing, a workshop on the publishing practice, commences with the experience of the journal Zehar which in recent years has covered a variety of areas concerning new technologies, authorship, the relation between art and society, etc.

The seminar is formed by a fixed study group of professionals who have worked in the field of art publishing (among them Carme Ortiz, director of Papers d’Art) with the aim of channelling bibliography and reflections that emerge in the seminar while, at the same time, requesting the participation of other professionals who are currently researching into questions directly or indirectly concerning the project. In other words, the idea is to reflect on the formats or models that are best suited to publishing art and thinking in our present audio-visual culture.






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